Breastfeeding and Business

10 Benefits to Breastfeeding & Building a Business

A lot of the time we associate breastfeeding with stopping us from having a social life, having personal down time or earning an income, all of which can be crucial for our mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

Personally, I have found the exact opposite to be true. Here’s why;

1 – There is no down time with bottles, sterilising, refrigerating or heating! You are free to be anywhere, at any time, for any appointment without worrying about how you are going to feed your Bub.

2 – Extra energy to run your life with minimum sleepless nights, as baby wakes, feeds and drifts back to sleep with the comfort of nuzzling into mummy. If you decide to do safe co-sleeping then you don’t even need to turn on the light or leave the bed.

3 – You may not be able to go back to a regular employee job if you are breastfeeding. However, you sure can run your own business, especially if you choose a baby and mother friendly industry that allows you to set your own hours and appointments. Online or offline!

4 – Breastfed babies develop a strong sense of security in themselves, which often means that even if you have a busy schedule with your life and business or have a lot of change in their environment, they are quite content regardless, because you are constantly by their side. This makes traveling at home or overseas a dream come true!

5 – Alcohol and night clubs may be off the social calendar however there are plenty of support groups and social outings you can attend with the ease of not clock watching, because you can nurse your baby when they are hungry and get them to sleep easily, with the extra sleep inducing hormones in your milk. This allows you extra time to spend chatting to family, friends or clients.

6 – Yes, you are the main care giver and can’t hand your baby over to someone else for longer than a few hours initially. But if I am completely honest, I have never wanted to hand my baby over to anyone else for more than a few hours. I absolutely love being with my child. I’m not saying there’s not times when it’s not tiring or where there may be an emergency situation, but breastfeeding my Bub for me, made my lifestyle 100% easier physically, emotionally and financially than bottle feeding ever would have. It actually gave me the complete freedom to wholeheartedly embrace motherhood and all of my natural instincts and intuitions that our modern society often encourages new mums to suppress.

7 – If you feel that there will be occasions when you may need support over night or for a full day you can always give your bub one formula or breast milk bottle feed a day so they are used to both, for times when you can’t be there by choice or it’s outside of your control.

8 – You will automatically be more conscious of the foods you are eating because Bub is getting them. So that, coupled with the natural effects of breastfeeding on the body, help you to get back into shape quicker than you may have otherwise. I found the combination of everything teamed with a daily walk left me feeling like my old self within a few months of birth, without any negative impact or extra pressure on myself or my bub.

9 – Your bub will automatically have a stronger immune system, so there is probably less chance of them catching common colds and flus. Not only does ‘A happy bub mean a happy, less stressed mum’, but it also means you will have less down time in your life and routine, especially if you are running your own business.

10 – You can ask a partner or family member to help you in other ways outside of minding. If someone offers help, you can accept it in another form that is just as useful to you, such as shopping, cooking, cleaning or just a much needed chat!

Rosie Greaney Birth to Business

Rosie Greaney is an Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Wellness Advocate, doTERRA Diamond Leader & EU Founder, Business & Lifestyle Mentor and Mum to a Beautiful Boy & Bump.

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