The Essential Oil Controversy

The Essential Oil Controversy…FACT or FICTION?!

Before we get into this topic I just want to say a few things. Firstly I am not against Doctors or western medicine and practices, actually the opposite. I am fully supportive of a professional Medical System.

My challenge is the lack of responsibility people take for their own health and how uninformed we are as to what we are doing and putting into our bodies.

We have become so immune to taking responsibility for our own life and health that we would prefer to completely hand it over to anyone without any questions asked, even though we may not feel entirely comfortable with it.

Everyday people use products, treatments and medications that are synthetic and toxic without asking any questions at all.

When did we as a general public just hand over all responsibility of our wellbeing to a third party? It just doesn’t seem right.

Now it gets even more absurd when we look at natural products. The same people who don’t ask any questions with regard to what traditional medical treatment they receive, even though it may result in major negative side effects on the body physically and emotionally, are now scathing of anyone who wants to try support their wellness naturally.

God forbid a mum who wants to take FULL responsibility for her children’s health in a natural, responsible and informed way using natural products (including essential oils).

Worse again, the same proactive mum can also become caught in a HUGE controversy if her child has even a slight adverse reaction in any shape of form.

Last week my son had a very bad adverse reaction to sun cream where his full arm broke out in a rash, however, we would consider that acceptable because it’s a chemical reaction.

However, if he were to have an adverse reaction to an essential oil or some other natural product it would be considered important to WARN the entire world against using them or against anyone suggesting them who is making a living from them EVEN if the benefits far out way any possible reaction or any other chemical alternative.

As a full time mum running an essential oil business, yes I earn a living promoting essential oil self-education.

However, I promote essential oil education not because I want to sell anyone an option they don’t want, but because they are such a simple, empowering, immune supporting alternative to chemicals and I love educating people of their options.

Yes, their options!

I don’t care if someone chooses to use the essential oils after I have shared my experiences with them.

That is their choice. However, at least they are making an informed decision.

I am not imbalanced in sharing my experiences, I don’t make any promises or promote cures, I just give someone who wants to take control of their own health their options when it comes to essential oils.

After that they can TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT… responsibility isn’t to cure anyone, it is to empower them to take responsibility for their own health and not just naively hand it over to another person without taking any responsibility for part of the outcome themselves.

We should be WORKING WITH our healthcare professionals, not making them responsible for our health.

I think as soon as we all start taking this approach we will give breathing room for currently stressed out nurses, doctors and specialists to make a real impact in their profession while also helping to eliminate ‘lifestyle disease’ caused by complete lack of education and personal responsibility.

Rosie Greaney Birth to Business
Rosie Greaney is an Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Wellness Advocate, doTERRA Diamond Leader & EU Founder, Business & Lifestyle Mentor and Mum to a Beautiful Boy & Bump.

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