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When we first came across doTERRA our main objective was to use the products for personal and family reasons. Rosie was looking for more natural alternatives to help with energy levels and psoarisis while also trying to help her mum who suffered with ongoing digestive issues. While we could imagine ourselves building a large and impactful business with doTERRA never did we think that it would turn out to be as amazing as it is!

Our Story

In 2010 we were living in Adam’s home country of Australia. In July of that year we travelled to the US for a work related training course and it turned out that our trainer Roger Anthony and his beautiful wife Cindy were both doTERRA wellness advocates! Rosie had a cold sore from the flight and Cindy asked Rosie if she would like to use Melaleuca to see if it would help. Within 24 hours the cold sore was gone, so the rest of us who travelled together (initial sceptics), started to look for help with everything from man flu to sleep and pain. We were hooked! Not only did we purchase a diamond kit, we also sent an every oils kit back to Rosie’s mum in Ireland who was in remission from breast cancer but still suffering from the on going side effects of multiple treatments she had undergone.

Why did we get the Diamond Kit? Because we wanted to make a lifestyle shift that would contribute to our overall health and wellbeing. While Rosie’s mum was in remission Rosie started to do a lot of research into holistic health and she had quickly realized it’s not just about what you put in your body, it’s also about what’s in the environment around you, on your skin, in the air and that is without even looking at emotions and mood! Being well is a lifestyle choice. So choosing household and personal care products that are as natural as possible, as well as the essential oils was something that was really important to us.

So what stopped us building our business sooner?

This is an interesting question. When we were first introduced to doTERRA we both had reasonably successful careers (Adam in Finance and Rosie in Branding & Marketing). This meant that whilst we liked the idea of the opportunity, there was no real pressing financial reason or any other reason to stimulate us to do it.

Whilst we had the “push” to use the product, the desire or the “WHY” for the business was not strong enough. We had the best “opportunity” to start the business, incredible mentors in Seth Risenmay and Rod Richardson, heck Natalie and Andy Goddard did our first class in Sydney for us (they were opening Australia at the time). But the “WHY” just was not there. The pain of pushing through the barriers of success in doTERRA was larger than the pleasure we would have got from doing it. At that stage we didn’t need the money, we were young without children and we were enjoying our lives.

Fast forward to late 2012, our lives had drastically changed. We had a newborn baby, money was tight, Adam was unsuccessfully trying to start his own business and then just after Christmas 2012, Rosie’s mum took a really bad turn. So in January 2013, Rosie flew home on a one way ticket with Paddy our 10 week old baby boy back to Ireland. Why one way? Two reasons, firstly because we didn’t know how long her Mum would take to be back on her feet and secondly we used Airline Miles to book free tickets for them because we had no money for tickets and we only had enough miles for one way!

Instantly our openness to the opportunity started to change. Living in two different countries meant Adam was having to frequently fly backwards and forwards to Ireland every 7 weeks with borrowed money!

In May 2013 on his 3rd trip, Seth reached out and asked if we were ready to build a business with doTERRA. He knew how hard we were doing and that if we committed to the process and the activity that we could get our finances, family and lives back together!

At this stage Rosie did not have a date to move back to Australia as she was now her Mum’s full time carer. Unfortunately the economic situation was terrible in Ireland and there were no jobs that would pay enough for Adam to be able to live here and still pay the mortgages and other expenses back in Australia.

After a few days of deliberating, we finally realized that something needed to change and that we needed to be together as a family. So we choose in. We didn’t know how we would do it, but we knew that we would make it happen no matter what it took or how long!

The result!

Rosie as the keynote speaker at the doTERRA European Convention, Austria.

After 3 years of building a doTERRA business we are Diamond rank (very soon to be Blue Diamond) and European Founders, we are living our ideal life, financially free, working with incredible people and travelling all across the world supporting others to get their freedom back while making a positive impact at the same time.

Was it hard? Of course, but not in the way you would think. The hard part isn’t the activity, the miles, flights or trying to build a business across two continents with little or no money! No that was actually the fun part (well most of the time). The hardest part is unwinding all the hidden limiting self-beliefs that we had accumulated over a life time that were stopping us from moving forward. The unworthiness, sabotage, procrastination and all the other things that stop us from having the life that we want but never seem to get.

We look back on the challenges and those few hard years and now see that each knock or kick was really a learning moment to help us move forward. At last we had developed a mindset to see things with a new perspective and belief that more was really possible for us.

Also, the best part about everything we have been through is that it has allowed us to help so many others as they go through exactly what we went through.

While everyone has their own journey and challenges, success can be copied and we love helping other people who are committed, who like us said “I am doing this, no matter what it takes and how long”


Why would you partner with us?

* Because our mission is to help as many people as possible become free whilst educating families across the globe to understand their natural self-care options!

* Because we have already done it and we know how to show others who are willing to put in the effort to do the same!

* We have leaders in Australia, USA and across Europe and we all collaborate, so you will have the support you need!

* We are part of Team Edge (we are actually front line to Seth Risenmay the co-founder of Team Edge, who have the most successful duplication system. So not only will you be trained by the team who created the best tools for you to succeed, but you will be part of one of the most dynamic and supportive teams in doTERRA.

* Because who wouldn’t want to be part of a team with Irish and Australian Leaders? We have experience with every culture in terms of building this business globally and we can help you find a way to build this business that is natural and authentic for you!

* Access to an amazing “members only” team training portal with the training videos and materials you need to breakthrough and be successful

* Access to participate for FREE in Rosie’s very successful ‘Leadership Development Program’ (People outside our team pay for this course!)

* Webinars and video chats with us and our leaders.

* Access to our product and business focused secret online groups. Where you can ask all your questions to like-minded people.

* Plus much more!

Ok, so I am in…what do I do now?

So you have decided to partner with us and build a doTERRA business. We look forward to helping you to build your business! Before you go and follow the few simple steps below we just want to provide you with a disclaimer:

This is not a get rich quick scheme, it is not easy, not everyone will achieve what we have, simply because a lot of people will not be willing to put in the work we have (especially the personal development).

However, saying that we do know that by doing simple things repetitively and showing others how to do the same can lead to the creation of an amazing business.

Whether you want to supplement your income, replace it or multiply it we can provide you with a blueprint of what needs to be done to be successful. The rest is up to you!

If you are ready to go then follow the simple steps below:

1. Select an enrolment kit and then place your order here – the Business Leader Kit is an incredible kit for those looking to really start their business like a professional. Other great options are the Every Oil Kit, the Oil Sharing Kit or the Natural Solutions Kit. At a minimum we would suggest the Home Essentials Kit, it has all of the basic oils you need to empower yourself and start your business plus it comes with the Petal Diffuser!

If you need help with what to get to start your business email us at:

2. Go through a Membership Overview with us to set up your monthly Loyalty Rewards Order. This incredible consultation helps you to understand the products you just invested in better and also to discuss the amazing benefits of being a wholesale member. Secondly we will help you to set up your monthly Loyalty Rewards Order. When we build a business with doTERRA a small requirement to earn commissions and bonuses is to have a Loyalty Rewards Order each month over 100pv (Depending on product approx. €125), Why do they do this? It’s so annoying when someone is trying to share or sell something to you that you just know they don’t use! So as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, we are required to use the product we distribute! It helps with integrity and authenticity. (The Membership Overview will be done via a Webinar or Skype)

3. Participate in a Business Overview – This presentation helps you to understand the basics of how we get paid with doTERRA (5 different ways) as well as the principles behind why doTERRA is such an amazing business. (The Business Overview will be done via a Webinar or Skype)

4. Watch the Business Builder Bootcamp videos – These two videos go through the fundamental things to help you get your business started. From the basics of how to teach others, how and why we do membership overviews and fundamental mindsets around the business side of doTERRA. This is some of the best ( we think the best) training you will get out there to build your doTERRA business!

5. Have a “Getting Started Mentor Call” with us- This will help answer any questions you may have and also help you to start your business.

So what if I want more information before I take the plunge?

Sometimes we just need a bit more information to help us understand things before we move forward and commit. If you would like more information fill in your details below and we will send you a video which should answer a lot of your questions.

If you would prefer to talk to either one of us or one of our amazing frontline leaders send an email to with your name, phone number, country and best time to call you and one of us will call you within 48 hours.